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Our Mission

At JD's House of Trophies, we strive to be the leading provider of custom awards, engravings, trophies, and promotional products providing our customers with an exceptional and memorable experience.

We are passionate about celebrating the accomplishments and successes of individuals and organizations by creating one-of-a-kind and meaningful awards that convey recognition and joy.  Our mission is to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience to our customers by providing exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and superior quality products.


Nick & Kellee


With a passion for helping and serving others, Nick and Kellee always knew they eventually wanted to own a business with a purpose. As a military family, Nick, Kellee, and their son Austin all learned to persevere and work hard through tough times and to lean on each other for support. They’ve carried these values into their journey as entrepreneurs, and they are now the proud business owners of JD’s House of Trophies.

Nick and Kellee decided to dive into their deep interest in entrepreneurship during the 2019 global pandemic and, after testing the waters for a couple of years, they purchased JD’s House of Trophies. Owning a small business and having the creative liberty to apply their expertise to make it more efficient and effective is, by far, one of their favorite aspects of being business owners. In addition, watching the company thrive and transform as they remodel, overhaul, and expand has been incredibly fulfilling for the couple.

By combining their skill sets and working with the established staff of the company, Nick and Kellee are excited to see JD’s House of Trophies continue to grow and thrive. Notably, having spent 4 years in active duty as a part of the United States Marine Corps and 16 years serving in the South Dakota Air National Guards, Nick is accustomed to working under pressure and making pivotal decisions. Impressively, he was also once responsible for overseeing and maintaining multi-million-dollar military assets and civil network infrastructures, which have proven to be beneficial experiences to his current role as a business owner.

As someone who loves connection and bringing people together, Kellee gears her focus towards the communications aspects of the company. In this role, she is focused on reconnecting the company with both established and new clients through social media. Just as the workplace culture at JD’s House of Trophies is like a family, it is the company’s goal to also extend those warm sentiments to their clients. Since JD’s House of Trophies is a long-standing company that has seen great success since 1973, Nick and Kellee are committed to continuing that legacy through superior customer service and products that go beyond expectations.

When they are away from the office, Nick and Kellee love spending time together as a family with their son and two dogs. Kellee enjoys clearing her mind by sewing or even planning her next travel adventure. In his spare time, Nick can often be found brushing up on his Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills or even heading outside to deer hunt or snowboard. Even when they’re not working, Nick and Kellee are consistently researching their industry to stay updated on today’s best practices and trends. After all, it is their ongoing mission to provide their clients with the best possible products for their needs and an excellent customer service experience.

For more information about Nick and Kellee or the history and products of JD’s House of Trophies, we invite you to Contact Us at any time! 



Production Manager/Engraving Specialist

When asked about her favorite aspect of her career, Teisha Lynch reflected upon her role and dedicated that title to the versatile and ever-changing nature of her role. She enjoys the fact that her job is never exactly the same two days in a row. As the Production Manager of JD House of Trophies, Teisha can be fulfilling an order for multiple crystal or glass awards one day and then innovating a one-of-a-kind trophy out of an old racing tire the next.

Having just celebrated her 20th year at JD’s House of Trophies, Teisha was first introduced to engraving at a small shop in her hometown. The creative outlet sparked her passion for the business, and it has also exposed her to various opportunities throughout the years. Notably, she has traveled to national awards conventions to advance her skills in the production side of the industry. From client communication and inventory management to machine operation and shipping, Teisha is in charge of all company production needs.

Teisha’s excellent attention to detail, paired with her multitasking and problem-solving abilities, have been the backbone of a successful production department. When she isn’t serving the JD’s House of Trophies clients, Teisha enjoys relaxing by reading or tending to her plants. She also loves to visit family in Hawaii and spend quality time with her husband, Matt, and three children, Aidan, Teagan, and Cael! As family is so important to Teisha, one of her favorite qualities about JD’s House of Trophies is the close workplace culture of the company.